July 9, 2020

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan VTD

Virtual Trade Delegation with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan about Aluminium Sector

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan VTD

The Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association (IDDMIB) successfully spearheaded the Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan VTD (Virtual Trade Delegation), a significant event in the industry's calendar, spanning from June 29 to July 9, 2020. This influential gathering brought together 22 member companies representing diverse sectors, including Aluminum, Kitchen, Building Materials, Casting, Welding, and Hardware.

Marking the commencement of this event, an informative meeting was held on the first day. The attendees at this meeting included notable figures such as the Commercial Counselor from Tashkent, the Commercial Counselor from Astana, and Mr. Tahsin Öztiryaki, the Chairman of the IDDMIB Board. Additionally, other members of the IDDMIB board, representatives from the participating companies, and a consulting firm were also part of this initial assembly.

The Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan VTD meeting proved to be a rich source of essential information for the delegates. They were briefed about key aspects, including the delegation dates, our market shares in these regions, export and import data of the concerned countries, detailed schedules of subsequent meetings, and important points that the companies should bear in mind during the event. The primary objective of providing this information was to equip the participating companies with the necessary understanding and insights for the forthcoming trade discussions and negotiations.

In line with the modern digital trend, bilateral meetings were arranged on the Zoom platform. These meetings, taking place between June 29 and July 9, 2020, were designed to last for 20 minutes each. These virtual dialogues facilitated the successful execution of a whopping total of 330 business discussions involving 65 local companies. Thus, this event has not only strengthened international business relationships but also highlighted the indispensable role of digital platforms in connecting industries across borders, especially in challenging times.