May 20, 2023

United Kingdom Trade Delegation 2023

Trade Delegation with United Kingdom about Aluminium Sector

United Kingdom Trade Delegation 2023

Representing the Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association (İDDMİB), we executed the United Kingdom Trade Delegation 2023 from May 15-20, 2023. The delegation comprised 11 aluminium exporting enterprises represented by 13 delegates. We were also accompanied by three board members, who concurrently serve on the Aluminium Committee, as well as the General Secretary of the Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporter Associations (İMMİB).

The timeline of the United Kingdom Trade Delegation was strategically aligned with the 28th World Aluminium Conference taking place in London, UK. This convergence offered a unique opportunity to engage with distinguished decision-makers, manufacturers, and various entities integral to the aluminium value chain.

The General Secretary of İMMİB, Dr. S. Armağan Vurdu, significantly contributed to the conference as a speaker in the session titled "Trade and Competitiveness". The conference successfully gathered over 360 renowned executives and decision-makers, representing primary and secondary aluminium sectors, extruded and rolled products, end-use, trading, and financial sectors.

A series of B2B meetings were held in Birmingham on May 19, 2023. These meetings witnessed the participation of 10 local buyers and were an essential component of the United Kingdom Trade Delegation 2023. As part of the trade delegation's activities, a total of 69 meetings were successfully facilitated.

Overall, the United Kingdom Trade Delegation is perceived as advantageous due to the market potential it presents and the conducive business environment it offers. The positive feedback received from the delegation participants serves as a testament to the success of our trade delegation, highlighting its value in fostering international business relationships in the aluminium industry.