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Our company has 40 years of experience in cable and food industry with aluminum foil, copper foil, and polyester film products. Our annual production capacity is 9000 tons. Our company aims to offer better quality products and services to customers, by improving the production technology and increasing the capacity every each year. Our company is targeting to provide lamination, sliting, 5 color rotogravure printing and sheet cutting services with the expert staff and wide machinery park at the most competitive prices without leaving the quality level.

Our company serves mainly as a solution partner to the cable sector. We are supplying two layered ,three layered, and 4 layered laminated products. Our products are produced with the best quality raw materials with advanced technology in the name of carrying out the requested technical specifications. Aluminum foil, copper foil and polyester film laminated products are produced as spool and disc winding as requested. In addition, we are also serving to flexible pipe and food packaging sectors with our laminated and plain products.

Our company as the solution partner in the cable sector, flexible pipe sector and food sector which can offer the most competitive prices, quality and fast service. Especially in the cable and flexible pipe sector we serve the worldwide producers. We supply our products as 'approved producer' to various centers around the world for companies with global manufacturer attributes.. Being an approved producer, placing our company in a privileged position different from other competitors. Besides we are aiming to develop our market share with the international distributership system that we have established.

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