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Mustava YAVUZ has founded Yavuz Aluminium in 1992. Yavuz Aluminium started casting aluminum billet with 600 tons of monthly capacity in Istanbul/Kaynarca. Then in order to meet the higher amount of capacity, facilities are moved to Hadımköy/Istanbul on a 4500 m2 area and started to casting with 4000 tons/ month. Facilities had 4 melting furnace and homogenization furnace until 2004.

Yavuz Aluminium has increased the capacity to 5000 tons/month with 3 new  melting furnace with 50 tons capacity, 3 new homogenization furnace with 50 tons capacity and Wagstaff Shorcast Airslip casting system in 2004-2005. Yavuz Aluminium has started to export billets to  Greece, Serbia, England, Slovenia, Italy, Germany and more countries in total of 20 countries.

Yavuz Aluminum's first investment plan in the future is to put into operation aluminum billet production plant with 10000 ton/month capacity in Çorlu.

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Yavuz Alüminyum
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