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About Producer

Since 1993, our company has been operating in the door and window industry. In 1993, our company which has created the well known brand ‘Sinax’, has led fly screen business to become a distinct industry by focusing on the Fly screen Systems. Our company still continues operations in a 2500 square meter facility, make exports to 20 countries, it is involved in all the national and international trade fairs, allocates large amount of budgets to advertising and commercial expenses. Our company has managed to become a Generic Brand, which is the first fly screen company in Turkey.

Since 1993 Sinax has been in the production of roller, sliding, fixed, hinged screens, striving to serve a broad network of dealers at any point. Sinax has proven company itself by its’ quality.

Our product line includes fly screen systems, window ventilation systems, PVC and aluminium weather-strips, polyurethane foam gun and safety lock.

Our aim is to produce for healthier living conditions and better workspaces, hygienic and relaxed atmosphere without harm to any living thing, without adversely affecting the ozone layer. In brief we produce solutions with our systems without disturbing the ecological balance.

Our specialized R & D department has developed an excellent product which is a result of a long and detailed know-how. It is called EGE 40 roller fly screen. By developing EGE 40, our company has achieved a major breakthrough. It is assembled and installed within a minute and also it is the only unique screen that does not contain carcinogenic substance. EGE 40 was revolutionized and received an outstanding interest.

The mechanism consists of springs and a brake. The brake of EGE40 roller fly screen is developed and produced in accordance with the European quality standards, which is originally embraced by Germany and the other major European countries. Also fly screen net is origined in the United States. The main reason that our product is preferred by users is its durability, high quality and free of any carcinogenic substances that may harm human health. According to experience we gained in 20 years and including 2 years of intensive study, we developed EGE40 roller screen. In order to make it easier to introduce to the world and to facilitate marketing services, we picked Germany, one of the world’s major industrial countries, as a base. Our sales and logistics warehouse began to serve in Germany in September 2012. So that we aimed to increase the interest on our new product, announce our work of introduction to wider audience and our product to be easily accessible.

Our specialized R & D team has also developed IDA 40 frameless roller.

Our Mission
To always keep the satisfaction and trust of our customers at the forefront, to use our resources in the most efficient way, to be the first preference by holding the highest level of product and service quality.

Our Vision
To maintain our leading position in the production and sale of screen systems also by further strengthening the ‘SINAX’ brand to be one of the most demanded brands in Turkey and in the World.

Other Products

Flyscreen, Plisse, Mosquito, Roller

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