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Terakki Yapı Alüminyum PVC San. Tic. Ltd.

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Terakki Aluminum, which has taken its place in the Aluminum sector since its establishment in 2012, continues its production in Blacksea Region in Trabzon; About public institutions, living spaces and field of private architecture, took part of many projects. Terakki Aluminum, continues all its missions based on these principles by adopting the understanding of quality and efficiency, sustainable customer satisfaction and beneficial performance in production.

Terakki Aluminum, realize sector’s expectations and customer needs with its young, dynamic and constantly improving and developing staff in the direction of its principles.

Terakki Aluminum, in the field of activity about aluminium doors and windows, facade cladding systems, architecture systems, featured glass, composite cladding, door automation systems, winter garden systems, guillotine glass handrail systems, railing systems; which supports its production with semi-automatic and fully-automatic machine and special software, and performs all steps of production using by barcode system and makes its investments to this direction and improves its technology day by day.

Terakki Aluminum, which has adopted the feedback culture, aims to add value to the Aluminium Industry with its solution-oriented approach, which is environmentally friendly,cares about the social benefit,sees occupational health and safety as a standard.

Terakki Aluminium is always capable of imparting to the whole World and constantly producing with the understanding of a Turkey, It continues its contribution to the economy of its country and its effort to increase its export and reach new markets.

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Aluminium Door Window, Railing Systems, Facade Systems, Glass Balcony, Winter Garden, Office Partition Systems, Composite Cladding Systems, Sliding Systems, Automation Systems

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