Serçeoğulları Cam Balkon Sistemleri Alm. Pvc. Doğr. İnş. Tur. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

About Producer

The foreign trade manager of COTIL company. As COTIL, we have been working at full speed since 2003 in an area of ​​10000 m2 in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in order to produce Glass Balcony Closure Systems and Self Cured Glass Balcony.

Since the foundation of our company we have been expanding and growing with our dealers throughout Turkey in Antalya Center and several centers in the world . The number of dealers within the aspects of quality and service is increasing day by day. We serve various systems by considering our consumers needs.

Our Research and Development activities have been continuing to provide optimum benefit.

Our company progresses with the understanding of total quality management in production, sales and after-sales services, and continues to work with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction with its experienced staff. I share the links and our catalog about the work we do below. If we can contact by phone, I can also provide more detailed explanations about our products.

Other Products

Bioclimatic Tent, Awning, Pergola, Glass, Glass Roof, Roof, Guillotine, Windbreaker, Zip Curtain

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Bars and Rods
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