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RB Steel was founded to cater to the structural steel requirements of RB Group Companies and has since evolved into a specialist in the security and defense industry. Its primary focus lies in the production of aluminum blast ballistic doors, aluminum blast ballistic windows, and blast ballistic modular buildings.

Moreover, RB Steel offers expertise in fortifying existing buildings with armor to enhance their ability to withstand blast and ballistic attacks. This service aims to bolster the security and protection of various structures, ensuring a safer environment for the occupants within.

By honing its skills and knowledge in the security and defense sector, RB3S has become a trusted provider of top-quality products and services. The company's dedication to meeting the specific needs of RB Group Companies has led to its specialization in manufacturing robust aluminum blast ballistic doors and windows, which play a critical role in safeguarding against potential threats.

The blast ballistic modular buildings produced by RB3S are a testament to their commitment to innovation and versatility. These buildings are designed to provide optimal protection in high-risk situations, offering a secure and adaptable solution for various defense and security applications.

With a steadfast focus on quality and reliability, RB3S continues to serve as a dependable partner for RB Group Companies and other clients in the security and defense domain. Their comprehensive range of offerings and ability to reinforce existing structures make them a formidable force in the industry, ensuring the safety and security of valuable assets and personnel alike.

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Aluminum Blast Ballistic Resistant Windows Aluminum, Blast Ballistic Resistant Doors, Blast Ballistic Resistant Buildings, Armor Coverage

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