Özkanoğlu İnşaat

Özkanoğlu İnşaat Taahüt ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

About Producer

Has experience, quality awareness, continuous improvement, business ethics and value added cooperation values Offering innovative solutions in the PVC profile sector, Özkanoğlu İnş. Taah. Tic. Ltd. Şti. Since 1985, it has been producing high quality and aesthetic products and increasing the comfort of living.

The company, which has been operating for more than 35 years, has included PVC and Aluminum Door and Window systems in 1996, in its activities, which started as a family company in 1985 only as a construction and contracting sector.

With its experience and expertise in the sector; wide range of products and is working tirelessly to protect the Adopen PVC door and window systems manufacturer your reliable operations with living space as dealers and loved ones unfavorable external sources registered with Made in Germany REHAU is the leading brand in Turkey with quality in the world.

All of the Door and Window Systems are produced on fully automatic CNC Machining Center machines without human touch, without human error and with great care, and customers are offered timely and quality products.

Özkanoğlu has determined as a principle to create a working environment where solidarity and cooperation are essential to keep qualified and qualified manpower within its structure and its continuous development with in-house trainings. Having opened to the World Market with its first export in 2015, Özkanoğlu contributed to the national economy with its young and dynamic staff; has the values ​​of continuous development and improvement, business ethics, meeting customer expectations and needs, and value-added cooperation.

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Aluminium, PVC, Window, Door, Pergola, Glass Balcony, Glassbalcony, Sliding, Lift Slide, Tilt, UPVC, Sliding Door, Tilt and Slide Door, Lift and Slide Door, Hebeschiebe, Volkswagen, Accessories, Winter Garden

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Özkanoğlu İnşaat
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