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About Producer

Our company has started manufacturing in 2004, on Buyukcekmece-Hadimkoy Road with 920 tons fully automated aluminum extrusion press, 8 pieces of Super Corona Gema brand pistols and a paint shop line accompanied with computer-aided robots, CNC and wire erosion supported molding room and mold design.

In order to meet customer expectations and demands better, we started our manufacturing in December 2009, in our Tekirdag-Muratli facilities which is 150 kms away from Istanbul, with 660 tons and 2000 tons fully automated presses we added for contribution to production lines. Built on an area of 21,000 m², and in 14,000 m² covered area, developing day by day and hence our commitment to quality, we have received TSE and ISO certificates. As of February 2013 with the Head Office staying in Istanbul, we have gathered all our manufacturing units together under one roof, continuing manufacturing in our Tekirdag-Muratlı facility.

We are fully integrated with our powder coating,anodizing and mechanical treatment facility(cutting,drilling).

In terms of customer satisfaction and product reliability, Quality Control stages in our company are carried out with expert staff in all stages starting from the raw material entry to profile production, surface treatment, mechanical treatment, packaging and shipping. Our company has all the necessary quality control devices and equipments in order to be able to produce according to world standards.

As Okyanus Aluminum, we have quality certificates such as TSE 755:1, CE Certificate, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, QUALICOAT, QUALANOD in our company due to the importance we attach to quality.

Powder Coating
In our powder coating facility with an annual capacity of 6000 tons, pre-painting processes in accordance with world standards are carried out and prepared for the paint process. Our powder coating facility is able to paint profiles perfectly up to 7 meters in desired color tones, different brightness and mattness.Our powder-coating facility offers quality products within the standards while making the necessary controls in the laboratory with advanced technology.

Our anodizing facility, which manufactures with 4 units of 12000 ampere rectifiers and 1 unit of 8000 ampere color rectifiers, can perform 10,000 tons of anodic oxidation annually.

Mechanical Treatment
In addition to wide, flat and sensitive cutting processes at desired points, our aluminum profile machining center, which contains the latest technology in it, provides a great view in all kinds of mechanical operations such as drilling, slotting, countersinking and so on. It can respond in the fastest way offered with technological machines that minimize measurement tolerances.

Tooling Department
Proper mold design is one of the first and most important stages in order to produce profiles in the desired dimensions and tolerances in line with the customer's request and to obtain a perfect surface.Our company are using the latest 3d design and CAD / CAM supported programs, technical office, modern lathe leveling machines, CNC vertical machining center and modern wire erosion machine.We perform the most sensitive cuts, apart from standard profiles, special purpose mold manufacturing, the most sensitive tolerances using the latest technology. Approximately 1,450 new and back up molds are manufactured annually. We serve our customers in many sectors from construction to automotive with more than 7000 mold types in our mold archive.

Other Products

Standart Profiles, Special Profiles, Aldox Profiles, Windows and Door System Profiles (Insulated, Uninsulated), Facade System Profiles, Solar System Mounting Profiles, Handrail Profiles, Balcony System Profiles, Sliding Systems Profiles, Guillotine System, Winder Garden System Profiles, Fence System Profiles, Fly Screen Profiles, Blind and Shutter Profiles, Office Partition Profiles, Shower Cabin Profiles, Furniture Profiles, Awning Profiles, Windows and Doors Accessory Profiles, Handrail Accessory Profiles

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