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Nalbantoğlu Metal San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. started production in 1989 at its facility located in Hadımköy center. Our company has continually followed innovations to increase production capacity, boost the profitability of its customers, and provide better service. It continues to serve in its current facility in Hadımköy/Ömerli and the new and modern facilities in the Edirne Organized Industrial Zone.

Our goal is to share our difference with you by continually developing and making new investments, offering high-quality yet affordable solutions with our product quality and technology, without harming the environment.

We manufacture the aluminum profile you need, by producing its raw material in-house, from the technical drawing stage of the profile to mold design, from the extrusion press process to surface treatment, in our own facilities and with 24 years of experience in line with international standards.

Nalbantoğlu Metal San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., pursuing mutual gains, has adopted the principle of being the best partner for its customers with a management philosophy that targets continuous improvement.

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Construction And Building Materials, Decorational Profiles, Curtain Profiles, Shower Enclosure, Ventilation, LED Profiles, Tile And Floor Profiles

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Nalbantoglu Aluminum
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