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Kırteks Metal Tekstil Sanayi Ltd. Şti.

About Producer

250 Employees are working in the giant enterprise AKDENiZ trade mark by KIRTEKS METAL which is established in 1996 in Kahramanmaras/TURKIYE on 25.000 square meters. Our capacity is 80.000 pieces for stainless steel teapots, 50.000 pieces for stainless steel pots, 60.000 pieces for non-stick pots, 100.000 pieces for cast pots per month.

We are the manufacturer of kitchenware and our company is located in KAHRAMANMARAS / TURKIYE. Our main business is production of stainless-steel pots and pans, stainless-steel tea pots, cast pots and pans, non-stick pots and pans as well as additional accessories such as handles. We also do outsourcing production for designs of your choice in cookware under your brand name.

Other Products

Cookware, Aluminium Die Casting, Non-stick Pot, Frying Pan, Stainless Steel, Cookware Set

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Kırteks Metal
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