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Kalibre Aluminyum is combining 40 years of expertise in the automotive sector of Kalibre Group with precise aluminum production through a takeover of a functioning plant with existing machine park and employees to enable full range service for its customers with varying needs from steel to aluminum components.

The Company started operations in 2016  in Sakarya, Turkey with extrusion of aluminum profiles fulfilling complex geometry requirements in a 7-inch extrusion line. In 2018, Kalibre Aluminyum has invested in a state of the art and fully integrated 8-inch extrusion line which has been operational at the end of 2019. In addition to extrusion of long length aluminum profiles, now the Company focuses on producing aluminum parts with cutting and machining specifically dedicated to automotive projects. The Company’s capabilities extend to bending, welding, heat treatment, and painting operations with the support of Kalibre Group’s experience in these operations.

Successfully adding the 8-inch extrusion line into the main production line, the monthly production capacity has been increased to 2.000 tons. The Company can produce standard and special alloys according to customer requirements with dimensions varying from 5 mm to 220 mm. Current extrusion operations are performed with 2xxx, 3xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx series alloys with a focus in 6xxx series.

The Company has invested in not just the extrusion line but also the machining center. Currently, the Company has the capability to machine 3 to 5 axis CNC machining required products with its extensive engineering capabilities which in turn resulted in servicing also to the aerospace and defence sectors.

Kalibre Aluminyum is founded with a dedication to serving automotive and aviation industries with expertise on heavy machining and precise quality by benefiting from 40 years of experience of Kalibre Boru in serving these industries with steel tubes and parts. The Company’s focus is to provide high precision, lightweight components with complex design and durability while maintaining cost efficiency.

Kalibre Aluminyum aims to serve customers with an integrated production line from billet to the component while providing design support, customer-oriented project management and on-time delivery with high quality.

The Group’s focus on quality is extended to Kalibre Aluminyum and the Company ensures sustainable quality standards with quality certificates for serving automotive, defense and aviation industries.

Kalibre Group’s vision for Kalibre Aluminyum is to build the go-to partner from design and development to finished product for aluminum extruded parts of our customers around the World with a focus on automotive and provide full package for Kalibre Group customers’ demands varying from steel to aluminum parts.

Kalibre Aluminyum’s future investment plans include a third extrusion line, in-house R&D Center, cutting and machining centers based on project requirements.

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