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First founded as an aluminium extrusion facility in Seydişehir, Konya Türkiye, Gönenç Aluminium established another aluminium extrusion and powder coating facility in 2008 at Gumusova-Duzce-Turkey. Currently both facilities are in production at Gümüşova, Düzce and at Seydişehir, Konya.

What makes us special among all other aluminium manufacturers is producing aluminium profiles with high accuracy. Industrial profiles which have tight dimensional tolerances and requires different mechanical properties are the products we are specialized. We do not only produce aluminium profiles but also find solutions optimized for your demands.

Aluminium can be used in virtually every form and function, offering limitless possibilities. In each case, the selection and optimal manufacture of the alloy is of particular importance. We use our experience in aluminium and alloys to select the most suitable alloy for your needs.

Extrusion and Profiles
Our production of aluminium profiles mostly consist of customer designs and needs. Among these, we of course produce tubes, rods and standard profiles. Please click to see our catalogue for standard profiles. Please contact us for special profiles of yours.

Mechanical Processing
Mechanical processing in aluminium profiles should also be carried out precisely. Here, profiles with even 0,5 mm wall thicknesses can be cut without damaging the profile and burr-free by special made saws. Also, mechanical processes like angled cutting, punching and bending can be carried out on demand.

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