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Thrace, a settlement that has hosted many civilizations throughout history, has always been the apple of the eye with its fertile lands, logistically effective geographical location and beautiful people…

Today, while it continues to be the apple of the eye with its industry that meets a large part of the country’s economy, ports that further strengthen its logistics position, transportation opportunities that facilitate truck transportation and container transfer, it protects the nature, rivers, lakes and forests in its fertile lands, and solar energy systems and alternative energy systems. continues to increase its momentum with its wind rose facilities. GNS Aluminum, which has 40 years of experience, gaining its strength from these lands and opening to the world , continues its steady rise in the sector with the production of billets  since 2018 . It aims to become a world brand by transforming self-confidence into quality, with the focus of its knowledge and loyal business partnership. Continuing its work with the excitement of the first day, GNS Aluminum carries out its productions with an environmentalist approach with a focus on sustainability, and works with all its strength to leave a beautiful world to future generations. Our company, which has its quality approved with ISO 2.500 and IDDMIB 98 certificates, has adopted the principle of producing high quality services and solutions for their expectations by giving the highest level of importance to the satisfaction of our customers. By successfully completing the orders at the time we commit; It provides our services professionally with its expert staff and machines with high technical and administrative skills.

GNS Aluminum, which continues its activities in its production facility of 13.000 m2 in total, 7500 m2 of which is closed area in Tekirdağ-Ergene Veliköy Organized Industrial Zone, produces aluminum billet in different diameters in this production facility. Our company, which provides production support on a wide scale from the automotive sector to alternative energy systems, from small household appliances to door and window products, continues to be a solution partner for its domestic and international customers, working on a 24/7 basis, with a production capacity of approximately 100,000 tons.

GNS Aluminum, advancing with determination and determination to the future with its strong roots and big goals, continues its production, determined to bring high quality, environmentally friendly and reliable products to its region, country and the whole world in the aluminum sector with its production understanding based on its values.

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GNS Alüminyum
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