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As Turkey’s only integrated aluminum plant capable of aluminum from ore as well as handling production from mining to final product, Eti Alüminyum A.Ş. contributes significantly to the regional and national economy. Eti Alüminyum A.Ş., the only primary aluminum producer in Turkey, was taken over by Cengiz Holding in 2005 within the scope of privatization. The plant is still being renovated and has been almost rebuilt from scratch with an investment of USD 580 million since privatization. After almost facing closure during the privatization period, Eti Alüminyum A.Ş. today provides 10% of Turkey’s aluminum at its Konya Seydişehir facilities.

82,000-Ton Production Capacity
While the renovation work increased energy efficiency by 15%, new technologies commissioned in mid-2015 increased the production capacity of Eti Alüminyum A.Ş. to 82,000 tons.

Annually, the plant can treat 550,000 mt of bauxite ore and produce 160.000 mt of cast products as well as 260,000 mt of aluminum oxide (alumina) using 400,000 mt of aluminum hydroxide produced at the plant.

The plant produces and sells aluminum ingot, t-ingot, round ingot, flat ingot, alloy ingot, hot rolls, plates and strips. Due to its ongoing investments in 2016 Eti Alüminyum A.Ş. was ranked in 165th place in the Top 500 Industrial Institutions in Turkey list compiled by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

From Window Frames to Airplanes
Eti Alüminyum A.Ş. offers a wide range of products, from window frames to aircraft, which find their way into many locations across Europe. Following its acquisition by Cengiz Holding, Eti Alüminyum A.Ş. started to provide aluminum hydroxide, aluminum oxide and other by-products obtained during filtering or decomposition and almost 400,000 tons of these products are produced each year and exported to 75 countries. 82,000 tons of aluminum, a significant part of Turkey’s annual requirement of 600,000 tons, is produced at Eti Alüminyum A.Ş. Seydişehir Integrated Plant.

Other Products

Raw Aluminium Products, Aluminium Hydroxide (Hydrate), Dry Aluminium Hydroxide (Dry Hydrate), Ground Aluminium Hydroxide, Viscosity Optimized Aluminium Hydroxide, Fine Aluminium Hydroxide, Aluminium Oxide (Alumina)

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