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With 52 years of experience, we've been recycling for a better tomorrow for half a century! Ensan Metal Industry was established in 1969 in Istanbul by Ahmet Dikici. Our company, which has been continuing for 3 generations, is involved in the export and import of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Currently, our company is producing aluminum ingots with a zero-carbon footprint in our factory.

Our Mission
To provide the right service by adhering to all kinds of expectations and needs of our customers, ensuring their satisfaction. We buy and sell scrap at its value and produce for a better tomorrow with a zero-carbon footprint.

Aluminium Products
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Other Products

Aluminum Wire, Aluminum Steel Wire (Overhead Line), Aluminum Wheel, Aluminum Printing, Aluminum Profile (Scrap), Aluminum Hard (Cartel), Aluminum Beverage Cans, Aluminum Slag, Aluminum Radiator, Aluminum Foil

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Bars and Rods
Ensan Metal
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