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Arslan Aluminium, that was established by Mehmet Arslan in 1970, is one of the leader firm of the sector with its product quality, technology and works without harming the environmet by completing new instruments and developing itself continuously. Arslan Aluminyum possesses capacity of 5200 ton/year in Extrusion profile production and has reached international quality standards with mechanical treatments, hardening and tempering, nitriding, powder coating line, anodising facility and surface treatments, too.

Our 3 factories are located in Bilecik 1st and 2nd Organized Industrial Zones. Also, the 4th Factory is currently under construction.

As Arslan Alumuminium, we have over 800 employees in a total area of 300.000m2 , 140.000 m2 of which is indoor area. At the end of 2022 Arslan Aluminyum’ s theoretical capacity has reached 5.200 ton/month in aluminum profile, 1.450 ton/month for anodic oxidation, 2500 ton/month for powder coating, 375 ton/month for decorative film coating unit, 20.000 ton/month for aluminum billet production. At the end of 2023 Arslan Aluminyum Solar Line has reached  22000 solar frame set/day.

As Arslan Aluminium, we believe in being a company that works with 100% sustainable energy, so we, as Arslan Aluminium, invested in a Roof Solar Power plant with 25,000 solar panels, covering more than 110,000 square meters of space, which we placed on our roofs.

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