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About Producer

Thanks to our experience with over 20 years of know-howe equipped founders and with our experienced team and factories equipped with high-tech devices at ARM, which provides a a high-quality standard to their customers and aim to improve them with the best performance to develop our product quality and create the best performance by pursuing the latest technology.

Our company is clearly aware that the way to success is through the satisfaction of its customers and end-users, dominating the overall quality consciousness within the entire production process, as well as in terms of vision and resources, and adopting the mission.

To provide the best and on-time products and services to our customers more than expected is our aim to have.To become one of the world's recognized brands among aluminum profile suppliers and to be a company that continuously improves its success under the challenging competitive conditions, which directly drives us to product and service quality and keeps our success lanting forever.

We have many kinds of profile types and high-quality solutions and aluminum materials fabrications,which are widely used nowadays, especially in construction and automotive industries, such as windows, doors, table installations, and terrain systems as well as vehicle spare parts.

Our company is also able to process 1xxx, 2xxx, 5xxx,6xxx, and 7xxx series materials due to its background material experience and know-how as well as the material forming processes

Please contact us for any type of aluminum metal and alloy products you have ever thought of or planned to have industrially processed and supplied. We are proud to be at your service with our background from design to product development.

Other Products

Construction and Automotive Industries, such as Windows, Doors, Table Installations, and Terrain Systems as well as Vehicle Spare Parts.

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ARM Alüminyum
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