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Arfem İnşaat Metal Taş. Tic. San. A.Ş.

About Producer

Arfem Construction was established in Diyarbakır in 1988 to operate in construction, building highways, infrastructures, dams, drinking water ponds, treatment facilities and hydroelectric plants. Accomplishing successful works in many proviences of Turkey, our company has had a great share for itself in regional market. These accomplishments have laid a greater burden on our company in terms of serving our country and region and directed us to more investments and employments. Accordingly, Arfem Aluminium was founded in 2011 to produce aluminium profiles with the motto “We Produce in Diyarbakır for the World”.

Our company’s scope is to produce aluminium profiles for areas such as construction, glass balconies, curtains, guardrails and electronics. In addition, we produce aluminium profiles in accordance with custom project coming from our customers.

Operating with the responsibility of investment, employment and value creation for economy of Turkey and region, our company has continued its rapid growth increasing its production and employee since its foundation. Arfem Aluminium is in service with its 500 employees in an outdoor area of 40.000 m² and indoor area of 30.000 m². Our company manufactures 2200 tons/month with 5 pieces extrusion press, 1600 tons/month anodizing, 600 tons/month electrostatic powder coating facilities with a capacity of 2500 tons/month.

Other Products

Aluminium Profiles, Aluminium Construction Materials, Glass Balconies, Curtains, Guardrails, Electronics

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Bars and Rods
Arfem Aluminium
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