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Anadolu Casting lndustry ine. which was established in the year of 1968 casts the steel of the world far the world at its facilities of 16.400 m2' of which 12.000 m2 is covered.With heat treatment and machining, the production capacity with the Egesinduction fumaces. 10.000 tons annually and it has the capacity of 25-ton single piece casting and its total molten metal capacity is 32 tons. Anadolu Casting company is an institution which gives service by giving priority ta the customer satisfaction with its 22-person managers including 9 engineers and 7 technicians and with its 110-person staff ali of whom are experienced in their fields.

In Anadolu Casting, before a piece is casted, the customer request is considered and its simulation is done with the most advanced technological application. The shrinkage zones and hat spots are determined. it is ensured that the costing process is done without errors and Anadolu Döküm, the special steel aUoys and the parts having the weights of tons and requiring strength and durability are prepared and casted with experience. The horizontal and vertical centrifugal methods and Si-Metal castings requiring special techniques and inforrmation are done easily. The 25-ton piece and also 1-kg piece are casted with the same quality.

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