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Our company entered the sector by establishing an aluminum billet foundry in 1995, and served the sector by casting special alloy billets until 2005. In 2005, by establishing an extrusion profile facility of 1800 tons, it started to produce special alloy industrial profiles, which are difficult to produce in Turkey.

Our company produces especially 2000-5000-6000-7000 series industrial profiles that are suitable for machining, requiring high strength, and profiles for the defense industry. Our products are subjected to various tests at every stage of production, from casting to profile. produced with suitable alloys.

Our company provides the necessary technical support to our customers by giving test and analysis reports together with the product after the sale. Our goal is to become a sought-after name in the sector in the long term by further strengthening our position in the sector with the difficult alloy profiles we produce. In this context, our company, which adopts the principle of making production with the philosophy of Total Quality Management and keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, also has international quality system certificates. We operate in a total of 27,000 square meters of open space and 14,000 square meters of closed area.

Our company, which increased our monthly production capacity to 1400 tons with the commissioning of 2750 Ton extrusion presses and 1100 Ton extrusion presses in 2009, can produce one-piece profiles up to 14 meters after the new press installations it has realized. Lastly, within the framework of our investments, 1 piece of 2000 Ton Indirect extrusion press, which we had ordered before, started production in February 2015.

In 2023, 2 2000-ton and 2200-ton indirect extrusion presses were commissioned.

Our AirSlip Billet Casting and Slab Casting Factory Investment with a monthly 5,000 Tons Casting Capacity on an area of 82,000 square meters in our new location in Seydişehir Organized Industrial Zone has been commissioned.

Our Vision

Adding value to our business with our ability to embrace all the complexities and turn negativities into opportunities,

Profitability of our customers and their trust in us,

The peace and satisfaction level of our employees,

We exist to carry our responsibilities towards our environment and society better than yesterday.

Our Mission

By developing successful business models for our customers to shorten the "supply chain" and benefit from its advantages;

Offering high quality, creative and economical products to the market in this direction,

Producing products for the defense industry, which are difficult to produce,

Achieved excellence in customer satisfaction and productivity.

We aim to have a reputation all over the world with the rapid economic growth momentum.

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