Akça Profil Alüminyum

Akça Profil Alüminyum ve Aks.

About Producer

Akça Aluminum profile, we have been operating our commercial partnership activity, which we produced in İzmir-Karabag in 2008, as wholesale aluminum profiles and accessories in İzmir Bornova Çamdibi district since 2013. Aluminum profile, which is used for office partitions, furniture, automotive, industry chains and special needs, serves.In addition to raw aluminum profile and Eloxal, we also deliver static powder painted and wooden pattern coated designs with RAL code as well as special size orders and tanda in stock. . With our experience of more than 20 years, it has succeeded to stand out among other companies with its understanding of quality, speed and fast service as your solution partner.

Mission and Vision
While providing products and services to individuals, communities and companies that we address as Akça Profil Aluminum and Aks.

Our products and services are economical within the framework of ethical business rules, as well as gains in the economy, Compliance with ecological balance, Carrying aesthetic elements, The speed of the electronic age, Keeping our leadership in mind.

Other Products

Automatic Joinery, Automatic Guillotine Glazing Systems, Manual Guillotine Wind Breaker Systems, Folding Glass Systems, Winter Garden, Sliding Glass Systems, Automatic Awning, Garden Gate and Barrier Systems, Office Partition Systems, Balustrade Handrail System

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Akça Profil Alüminyum
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